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What is BSPMart?

BSPMart is a shopping site dedicated to saving you more money. Everyday low prices are just the start, because our real-time saving engine gives you the power to make prices drop even lower as you shop.

How do I save More on BSPMart?

You save more on BSPMart by using our real-time saving engine to make prices drop as you shop. Here’s how you do it.

  • Add items with the once you have an item in your cart. They’ll lower the price of items in your cart when you add them.
  • Products whose manufacturers don’t allow discounts won’t drop in price, but don’t worry- our prices are low from the start.

Why does opting out of free returns on an item lower the price?

The Cost of a potential return is built into the price of items you buy online. When you opt out of free returns on an item, we save that cost, so you pay less.

What is BSPMart Cancellation policy?

Cancellation by BSPMart

  • We may cancel your order in case the items are not available in the market
  • We may cancel your order if good quality of items is not available as per our quality checks.
  • You shall be informed about cancelled order via an SMS.

Cancellation by You

  • You can cancel your order until the cut-off time for cancellation. Post cut-off time you cannot cancel your order.
  • Your order amount will be refunded after the cancellation request is processed.
  • All refunds amount if any will be credited to your user account.
  • You can cancel only whole order, not a single item.

Time taken to process cancellation request

  • Cancellation via mobile app is instant and your order will be cancelled immediately.
  • In case of any refund delay after we have processed your cancellation, please get in touch with us via the feedback form.

How to cancel your order online

  • To cancel your order, please click on cart option and follow instructions thereon you can cancel the order you want.
  • In case of any refund delay after we have processed your cancellation, please get in touch with us via the feedback form.

What is BSPMart return & refund Policy?

  • Since we deal in perishable items such as Fruits, Vegetables, Chicken & Meat, we will accept return of food items only within 24 hours of delivery of items. To return the item please contact us Also if you’re not satisfied with a product, we have no questions asked return policy.
  • BSPMart will bear the cost of return the customer does not have to pay anything extra for refund or return. In case of return the amount will be refunded in your account within 24-48 hours.
  • In case of any quality issues, the customer has the right to return the products. We would, at our discretion, try our best to partially or fully refund for the unused items post collecting the spoilt item. However Customer won’t get any refund for fully used items or items which are throw away.
  • We cannot guarantee taste of the food item, vegetable or a fruit as there is no way to perform a quality check on it.
  • Refund for taste issues will not be processes.
  • We cannot guarantee taste of the food item, vegetable or a fruit as there is no way to perform a quality check on it.

What is BSPMart Pomo Terms & Conditions?

Nobody likes reading the Terms & Conditions, so how about this: When we get through these, we’ll both reward ourselves with a cookie. Sound good? Alright, here we go:

  • Offers are valid for a limited period and in limited quantities.
  • Offers and promotional codes expire at 11:59 pm on the date specified in the offer or when all codes have been claimed, whichever comes first.
  • The promotion may not apply to certain brands, categories or products.
  • Certain offers may only apply for your first purchase at BSPMart.Com
  • For % or Rs amount offers, the maximum discount is listed in the offer message. For offers requiring a minimum order total which is Rs 299, the total is based on the “Price subtotal” line of your cart and taxes & shipping fees will not count towards this amount. Offer discounts won’t apply to taxes or shipping
  • Offers can’t be applied to previous purchases, transferred or be redeemed for cash.
  • Offers can only be used on a single order. Unless otherwise specified, multiple offers can’t be used together.
  • If you return items purchased using an offer, we’ll subtract your discount earned from the offer from your return credit.
  • Offer savings may not reduce applicable tax charged on items in your order.
  • You can only use one code per household.
  • The offer is only good while supplies last.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • If you violate any of these Term & Conditions, the Code will be invalid.
  • Void where prohibited.
  • Offer is subject to change or cancellation.

You did it!! Cookies for everyone…

What is BSPMart CASH?

BSPMart CASH is a reward incentive available to BSPMart shoppers that can be used as a payment method on orders placed at EZ GROCERIA. One rupees of EZY CASH is equivalent to one rupees off of a purchase at BSPMart.

BSPMart is issued for promotional purposes, has no intrinsic value, and may not be redeemed for cash.

BSPMart Referral – Terms & Conditions

The following Referral Terms and Conditions apply to the BSPMart Referral Program. By participating in BSPMart’s Referral Program, you agree to be bound by these Referral Terms as well as BSPMart’s Term of Use and Privacy Policy. In these Referral Terms, we refer to BSPMart as “us,” “we,” or “BSPMart.” Users who refer are called “Advocates.” And individuals who receive a referral are called “Friends.”

Purpose of the BSPMart REFERRAL PROGRAM.

We want the BSPMart Referral Program to be a fun way to promote BSPMart by asking you to help spread the word about us, and in exchange for doing so, receive BSPMart CASH. We ask you to spread the word by social media or our email tool. To spread the word correctly, please check out the section entitled How to promote as an advocate.

Advocate Eligibility

Only eligible Advocates can get BSPMart CASH for Friend referrals. To be an eligible Advocate, you must have a valid BSPMart account. We affiliate partners are not eligible to be Advocates.

Friend Eligibility

Only new BSPMart customers are eligible to be Friends. Each Friend may only be referred by one Advocate. You are not eligible to be a Friend if you have an BSPMart account and/or if you’ve previously placed an order on BSPMart. Eligible Friends may take advantage of an Advocate’s offer by using the Advocate’s referral link to create a valid BSPMart account and place a first order of Rs.299 or more.

How to Refer Friends:

You can become an Advocate by signing up for a BSPMart account and visiting (the “Referral Portal”), where you’ll see a unique link that is specific to you and only you (we call that your “Unique Link”).

You can share your Unique Link with your friends through Twitter, Facebook or other social media accounts in an effort to get them to make purchases on BSPMart. You may not send the Unique Link through your own email account, but we can send emails for you. Simply input your Friends ‘email addresses in the Referral Portal and BSPMart will send email for you. You may only upload the email addresses of people you know personally. BSPMart may send up to two reminder emails to those Friends who haven’t accepted your referral invitation. We’ll make sure that only one Advocate can send a referral email to the same friend, and we won’t send any emails to an address in the referral emails that we send to your Friends. We reserves the right not to send emails in its sole discretion.

Earning BSPMart CASH

Subject to the restriction below, for each eligible Friend who uses your Unique Link to complete their first purchase over Rs. 299 (a ”Qualified Referral), you’ll receive BSPMart CASH in the following amounts- up to a total Rs. 500 in BSPMart CASH.

  • For the first five Qualified Referral, you’ll receive Rs.150 in BSPMart CASH.
  • For the next five Qualified Referrals, you’ll receive Rs.250 in BSPMart CASH.
  • For each Qualified Referral after that, you’ll receive Rs.50 in BSPMart CASH.
  • You will be able to view all your Qualified Referrals in the Referral Portal. Qualified Referrals may reflect as “Pending” in your Referral Portal for up to 30 days.
  • You may earn Rs.500 in BSPMart CASH pursuant to the BSPMart REFERRAL PROGRAM. Once you have hit the Rs.500 limit, you will not receive BSPMart CASH for additional referrals.
  • If your friend returns all or part of their order, causing the total value of the order to drop below Rs.50, you will not receive BSPMart CASH for that purchase.
  • BSPMart CASH earned through the BSPMart Referral Program expires 12 months from issue.

How to Promote as an Advocate – Transparently

When you are spreading the word about BSPMart, you must disclose that you’ll receive a benefit from BSPMart by spreading the word. For example, you can say, “If you try BSPMart by clicking on my referral link, I’ll earn BSPMart CASH”

Additional Terms, Conditions, Exclusions & Restrictions

You may not refer yourself nor generate additional email addresses or fake people to earn BSPMart CASH. Don’t Spam or Email Bomb People. Do not send the Unique Link from your own email account. To send by email, you must use our referral email tool on the Referral Platform. Don’t post your Unique Link on coupon Sites or in Public Forums. We reserves the right to disqualify any referrals made through these means.

Advocates are subject to all applicable laws and regulations. The BSPMart Referral Program is void where prohibited by law.

BSPMart has the right to determine whether or not you have made a Qualified Referral based on your adherence to these Referral Terms.

You must be truthful and accurate when registering and publicizing your Unique Link, and you will only earn BSPMart CASH when your Unique Link is used by eligible Friends. Each and every Advocate is subject to independent verification by BSPMart and its representatives. BSPMart reserves the right to deduct any amount of BSPMart CASH from your account and/or disqualify you completely, in BSPMart’s sole discretion, even if you make a Qualified Referral, at any time and for any reason, including, but not limited to:

  • Incomplete or untruthful registration.
  • Attempts to obtain referrals through “dummy” email accounts.
  • Multiple attempts to register by the same person under different names or different email addresses.
  • Registering for people, even with their consent or at their request. Each user must complete his or her own registration.
  • Fraud, abuse, or circumvention of the spirit of the BSPMart Referral Program or these Referral Terms.
  • Violation of the law, these Referral Terms, or BSPMart’s Term of Use or Privacy Notice.

Advocates must also comply with any additional policies and requirements posted by BSPMart during the EXY Referral Program.

BSPMart will have the final decision in any dispute over BSPMart CASH. Friends and/or your participation in the BSPMart Referral Program.

BSPMart reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate or suspend the BSPMart Referral Program at any time and to provide BSPMart CASH based on eligibility as of the time of termination or suspension.

BSPMart CASH and your account under the BSPMart Referral Program are personal to you and may not be sold, transferred or assigned to, or shared with, family, friends, or others (unless otherwise approved by BSPMart in its sole discretion).

Amendment of Program.

We reserve the right to modify, limit, terminate, discontinue, or cancel the BSPMart Referral Program, its benefits and these terms at any time in our sole discretion. We may also change or cap the amount of BSPMart CASH you may earn in any time period. If we amend these Referral Terms, we will post the update version on

Entire Agreement and Admissibility.

These Referral Terms, as supplemented by the BSPMart Terms of use, constitute the entire agreement and understanding between you and BSPMart with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersede all other communications, whether oral or written, between the parties with respect to such subject matter. A printed version of these Referral Terms shall be admissible in judicial, arbitral or administrative proceedings to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generates and maintained in printed form.


What is the Refer-A-Friend program?

We want to give our loyal customers and account holders (Advocates) the ability to share BSPMart with friends. We created the referral program to reward you for referring your Friends – when your Friend makes an eligible purchase, you receive BSPMart CASH Rs.500 total.

BSPMart Referral Program rewards you more when you invite more Friends:

  • When you refer the first 1-5 Friends who register using your signup link and make an eligible purchase, you earn 150 in BSPMart CASH / Referral.
  • For your 6 – 10 Friends, you earn 250 in BSPMart CASH / Referral.
  • For each Friend from the 11th onward, you earn Rs.50 in BSPMart CASH / Referral.

Please note that only individuals are permitted to participate in Refer-A-Friend. BSPMart Referral Program cannot be used by businesses for affiliate lead generation, as determined in BSPMart’s sole discretion.

How do I participate in Refer- A –Friend?

You must be an BSPMart account holder to refer Friends. Please note that account holders can send invites even if they haven’t placed any orders on

Advocates (you!) can invite Friends (people have never created a BSPMart account) to try BSPMart by sending the Friend a BSPMart signup link. You can use one of the following methods to share the signup link:

  • Copy & paste the link on social media or blog
  • Share a Facebook wall post
  • Email an invitation by typing in your Friends email address.

You may NOT share your link via email outside of our email tool or via text. Your Friend must register for an BSPMart account using your unique referral link. In order for you to earn BSPMart CASH, your referred Friend must place an order over Rs.299.

How do I earn BSPMart CASH from Refer-A-Friend?

Your referred friends must click your unique referral link and create an account on BSPMart. Once they place their first order over Rs.299, you’ll receive “pending” BSPMart CASH in your account. BSPMart CASH pends for 14 days while we verify order details. After 14 days, if your friend’s order remains valid (no returns or cancellations), your BSPMart CASH will become “active” in account.

Is there a limit on how much BSPMart CASH I can earn from referring friends?

You can earn Rs.500 of BSPMart CASH from referring friends. There are other ways to earn BSPMart CASH, such as from participating in seasonal BSPMart CASH promotions – those promotions are not subject to the Rs.500 cap but may be subject to other terms and conditions.

How do I track my Friends status?

  • Login to
  • Click Account in the top navigation menu and select Refer Friends
  • Go to the Your Referrals section – you can view statuses in your Referral Dashboard
  • There are three statuses that will show on the dashboard: Registered, Pending & BSPMart CASH Received

My friend created an account but did not register from my referral link. Do I still get credit?

Unfortunately, your friend must register an account from your unique link for us to track and give you BSPMart CASH.

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