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Yes, it’s not a dream!!

We offer
   SAME-DAY DELIVERY (for orders placed before 3:00 PM).
   FREE DELIVERY to selected locations.

We are one of Bilaspur’s premier fruit and vegetable providers, having a family-owned business with over 40 years of combined experience in Bilaspur Markets. Our experience in the market and in dealing with growers ensures we are able to provide the highest quality products to our customers. Being based in Bilaspur Market enables us direct access to all available products, ensuring daily freshness as your order goes direct from the market to you. We supply all businesses in the hospitality industry including clubs, cafes, hotels & restaurants.

One of our aims at go-grocery.co is to consistently supply our clients with the finest products available in Bilaspur all year round. We are committed to providing an easy and simple way for Kuwait grocery shopping to our customers. Our success lies in the quality and value of our service. We ensure that our customers get their groceries cheaper at the price of local grocery stores delivered to their doorstep. We provide weekly specials and items on sale to ensure slim margins and high turnover.

We believe the quality time on weekends should be spent meeting dear and near ones, sports, at the beach, or doing other rejuvenating activities.

Do you waste your precious weekend time on any of the following?

  • in traveling to the grocery store,
  • to find parking nearby,
  • Search for the items in aisles,
  • standing in a queue for checkout,
  • efforts to transport your heavy grocery items to your doorstep?

Would you like to buy groceries at your fingertips at any time from anywhere at a competitive price and leave all the worries to us?

Then, go-grocery.co is the ultimate choice for you.


 1. Web stores sell expensive groceries:

We can assure you that we match the price to your local grocery store

 2. Web stores do not offer all the varieties:

We are dedicated to providing many more brands/items available at your local grocery store

  3. Web stores charge high delivery costs:

We charge a minimum amount of delivery fees depending on the distance which will compensate for your traveling cost, time, and lifting efforts.

  4. The delivery takes ages to occur:

We offer same-day delivery for orders placed before 3:00 PM.

We bring you the convenience of ordering all your required grocery items from leading brands over the internet. You can buy Groceries, Dairy products, Meat & Poultry, Spices, Dal & Staples, and other items under one roof only at go-grocery.co We supply only the best quality products at the best prices delivered to your doorstep.

At go-grocery.co we take pride in introducing a new range of products on a regular basis to be in compliance with the current market trends. We have gained the utmost recognition from our consumers for our fast delivery service.


  • Aim to reach more than 2000+ products soon
  • Reasonable prices – prices matched with local stores
  • Great offers – weekly specials
  • Fast delivery – Same-day delivery
  • Free delivery (complete details on our shipping page)
  • Customer satisfaction if not then we have a question asked about the return policy
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